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Tuition-Free C​ertificates & Classes

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Here are the Tuition-Free certificates and classes Moreno Valley​​ College will offer this Winter and Spring​! 

Look below for details on Noncredit Certificates:

  • Emerging Leaders

  • ​Workplace Essentials

Emerging Leaders​​​ Noncredit Certificate​

The Emerging Leaders Certificate enables students to develop the management, supervisory, and leadership skills necessary to get a job or advance on their current career path. Through the guided exploration of best practices in essential workplace skills, students will be prepared to successfully navigate complex professional environments. Both current and future leaders will benefit from the comprehensive overview of the skills necessary to be dynamic and effective leaders. This certificate also serves as a gateway into other noncredit and credit programs.​

​​Required courses to earn certificate: PDS-801, PDS-802, PDS-803, PDS-804​
(Note: Certificates can be completed in a single term or over the course of several terms, subject to availability.)

Leadership Skills
PDS-801 - Section #23970 (Online)
Feb 27 - Mar 10​, 2023​​

Take your leadership from good to great by exploring and applying the top ten skills that every leader must have.​

Supervisory Skills
PDS-802 - Section #23971 (Online)
Mar 13 - 24, 2023​​

Learn the key tools for effective management and supervision. Course covers delegation, feedback, communicating with employees, motivation, and management styles.​​

Increasing Productivity
PDS-803 - Section #23972 (Online)
Mar 27 - Apr 7, 2023

Personal productivity results from a combination of factors which all impact each other. Explore, dissect and analyze these factors to develop an individualized plan optimizing your effectiveness in both your professional and personal lives. Focus on personal empowerment and growth while weaving neuroscience theory to help you anchor the learning and understand brain function better.

Motivating Yourself and Others
PDS-804 - Section #23973 (Online)
Mar 17 - 28, 2023

Individuals and leaders explore the key ingredients for strengthening workplace commitment, engagement, and career satisfaction. Apply alternative reward and recognition strategies to increase engagement in the workplace.

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Workplace Essentials​​​

The Workplace Essentials Certificates aims to provide students with the skills and knowledge to be successful in the workplace. Students will learn how to maximize efficiency, engage in strategic problem solving, and clearly communicate with internal and external stakeholders. These skills will allow both students with extensive experience in the workplace and those entering the workforce to improve their effectiveness and advance in their career. ​​

​​Required courses to earn cer​tificate: PDS-808, PDS-809, PDS-810, PDS-812 ​​​​
(Note: Certificates can be completed in a single term or over the course of several terms, subject to availability.)

Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making
PDS-808 - Section #23974  (Online)​
Apr 17 - 28​, 2023

In today’s workplace, it is everyone’s job to solve problems and make decisions. Analytical thinking, decision making and problem solving involve breaking things down into their component parts, applying deductive reasoning and then applying judgment and insight. Learn hands-on techniques to generate breakthrough ideas, make decisions, and solve your most pressing problems. All by asking the right questions, challenging assumptions, and seeing others’ viewpoints with clarity.

Business Writing in a Technological World
PDS-809 - Section #23975  (Online)​
May 1 - 12​, 2023

Participants will develop effective and professional business writing skills using business tone, organization and formatting, word choice and persuasion. Matching the delivery channel (email, letter, memo, or text) to the message type and situation will be covered, as well as the best methods to deliver bad news.

Time Management
PDS-810 - Section #23976  (Online)
May 15 - 26​, 2023

Participants explore time management strategies and tools for effectively managing expanding workloads, shifting priorities, and increasing demands. Practice prioritizing “important” versus “urgent” activities. Emphasis on analyzing current use of time; identifying organizational goals, roles, and priorities; discovering gaps to achieving goals; and applying time management tools to the gaps to complete important priorities first.

Workplace Communication Strategies
PDS-812 - Section #23973  (Online)
May 30 - Jun 9, 2023

Participants assess and optimize current workplace communication skills. Differentiate content, emotions, perceptions, and intentions in a communication exchange. Build an advanced communica​tion toolkit to forward your career. Illustrate clear and congruent verbal and nonverbal messages tailored to the personalities involved, the desired outcomes, and the context.

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